May, 2014 Update

I have a new home and a new studio.  Now living just south of Knoxville, my focus will be on offering my silver jewelry to folks in a new city.  It is sad to leave the greater Chattanooga area, and I do hope to still participate in some events there.

Also, I have recently taken additional coursework on enameling, and hope to incorporate some colorful enamel work into my fall 2014 wares.   Stay tuned for more information.

Finely Crafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

Welcome to Mary Clor Jewelry Studio.

Currently, I my studio is closed. I don’t know when I’ll start making jewelry to sell again, but likely it will not be until 2015.   But please read below to find out about my jewelry.


I craft jewelry – wearable art – from sterling silver, natural stones and fused glass.

I create the glass, using techniques learned from instructors Renee Kelley and Thomas Spake.  From these two glass artisans, I have gleaned techniques  that allow me to create rather unique pieces  - my most recent works are little glass cat eyes and glass that simulates colorful agates.

In recent years, I’ve taken a dozen or more jewelry classes – many based on southwestern or native influence.  Therefore, you will see this style carry over to the works on this site. For example, a recent exhibit I participated in featured feathers hand engraved in a southwestern style, but the feathers were representative of southeastern US birds.

My latest passion is hand made chains.  Most of my pieces are available on a hand formed chain.  But if your budget does not allow this,  I sell machine made chains as well.


Summer 2013 Pendants and Rings

Recently, a ring I made featuring a fused glass eye was displayed in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. (Chattanooga Times Free Press, Sunday, August 4th, 2013 Arts/Books Section.) From this, many have expressed interest in these types of rings. The little kiln has been running full force, and I have created several “eye” rings. They are for sale. Contact me at 423-364-4767 if you are interested. Oh, and I made up a few other things at the same time. Enjoy looking!!

Green swirl pendant lores

Purple Silver Ring Lores

Emerald Eye Ring lores

Royston Pendant lores

Deep Purple Ring lores

Green swirl pendant lores

Flowing Glass Pendant lores

red purple pendant lores

Sabbatical is over!!!

Thanks to all for your support as I dealt a family issued that kept me out of my studio for the past few months. Now – I am back!! Ready to create wonderful new works using techniques I learned over the winter, and incorporating some beautiful stones I obtained in Albuquerque this winter. Here is the first piece.

Lone Mountain Ring 300x300

This is natural Lone Mountain Turquoise. The Lone Mountain turquoise mine is located in Esmeralda County, Nevada, near Tonopah. The color ranges from a beautiful clear blue to a dark blue spider web. Lone Mountain has always been noted for holding its color. To this day jewelry can be found that was made in the 1930’s or 1940’s with Lone Mountain turquoise just as blue as when it was made!

It is great fun to work with such high quality material! Price at $325. Contact me if interested.

Welcome – New Website, New Site Name!

Mary Clor Jewelry Studio

I have created fused glass that has an agate-like appearance as the focal for this fun sterling silver bracelet.


To all those who have witnessed the evolution of the many websites and names used over the past three years to share my jewelry creations, I promise you — this is the final landing place!!    Welcome all to,  home of Mary Clor Jewelry Studio creations.

Here you will find a comprehensive catalog of my current work available for purchase, and a selection of my favorite works that have found homes.  I also include a section titled “Technic”, which provides details on how my works are created.   Finally, there are pages describing upcoming shows, and media links.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items on the website, please contact me.  The best way is via e-mail at